Manuda Vasandam

Creative Communication Chennai’s another venture is MANUDA VASANTHAM, an Islamic Television Programme. Started in the end of year 2000, firstly in the satellite channelVIJAY TV and then in RAJ TV, this programme is being presently telecasted every Wednesday and Thursday between 22.00 and 22.30 hours IST in TAMIZHAN TV. This video magazine programme includes Seerah Stories, historical anecdotes of Islamic interest, dispelling of misunderstandings regarding Islam and Muslims and presenting Islam as common to all human beings.The Question and Answer programme entitled:`KELVI PIRANDADU INRU’ is its distinct feature. The answers given and the clarifications made by Dr. K V S Habeeb Muhammad, an eminent Islamic scholar, has drawn wide acclaim and appreciation. The CDs of this programme is also made available to the people for convenient viewing.

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