Creative Communication Chennai (CCC)

At no point of time in the history of mankind was mass media as significant as it is today. The influence and impact of mass communication can be seen and sensed in every twist and turn of human life. Mass media has got its own intrinsic and inherent power to make or mar news, to broadcast or narrowcast information, to develop or destroy sanity among people, to build or blast relationships, to communicate truthful, constructive, useful and beneficial information, or to spread false, utterly harmful, downright destructive information or concepts. No wonder then the role of mass media and mass communication – both print media and electronic media – is terrific and tremendous indeed TheCREATIVE COMMUNICATION CHENNAI has taken upon itself the responsible role in the field of mass communiction for reasons such as:

Our Role Model – Prophet Muhammad (sal) – not only adopted effective and efficient means of communication but he had also been the most powerful influencer and creative communicator – even in this age of 21st century he is the Living Communicator in the sense that his message is still influencing and inspiring, touching and transforming billions of people the world over. We being the followers of such an influential Messenger of God has got a role to play. Hence we are in the field. It is an obligation upon the Muslim Ummah to communicate the teachings of Islam to all mankind.

Non- communication of Islam and non-committment in this important field would be tantamount to signing our own death warrant! The global scenario today is that, Islam is the most misunderstood and the most misinformed civilization. The media, in general, is playing a damaging role to misrepresent Islam and Muslims. Given this global “phenomenon”, it becomes all the more necessary to present Islam as it is to the people of the world.

Presently, the Creative Communication Chennai is giving due importance to two vital areas of human communication:

  • Print Media through Samarasam
  • Electronic Media through Manuda Vasantham

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